How to Retain Us


Thank you for your interest in retaining the Rosenkranz Law Firm.  For most people, hiring a Law Firm to represent you or a family member can be at a very stressful time.  Often times families are relieved after our first meeting because they understand how they can obtain value from the firm’s advice.  Our first meeting with you will be just over an hour. However before you sit down with an attorney, our office has a new client intake procedure so that the first meeting goes smoothly. Our intake process is very sensitive to the expedited nature of the work of the firm.

How Do you take action today?

Call the Rosenkranz Law Firm. at 813-223-4195.

A member of our team let you know what appointment times are available and ask a few questions about what is going on and some important background information.  The more information that is disclosed, the more relevant the first consultation with an attorney will be.   It will take about twenty minutes to cover the intake of a new matter.

First Consultation

Our first meeting will run for about an hour. You will meet with an attorney who will discuss your situation and how the firm might address your specific needs. Unfortunately, the firm will not be able to provide legal advice until we have been hired. It is the Firm’s policy not to begin to represent a client until a written agreement relating to fees and costs has been reached, any necessary retainer has been paid.


The firm will share with you a Fee and Representation Agreement with fixed fees. In some circumstances, hourly fees may be requested depending on your unique situation.

Method of Payment

Most clients pay are fees by check.  However, payment can be electronically transferred to the firm by credit card payment or by wire transfer.

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