May 26, 2010: Gail Sheehy’s Passages in Caregiving.  Interview of Gail Sheehy, author and caregiver to her husband courtesy of WGBH Boston Public Television.

Audio and Video of Workshops will be posted.

Workshop Descriptions Caring For Your Aging Parent

A multi-day workshop prepared to educate families on how to navigate the eldercare continuum. The family members will understand how to utilize proper legal tools, how to deal with difficult family dynamics and the appropriate use of geriatric care management.

Veteran’s Benefits

A workshop that educates families of veterans on Non-Service Connected Benefits for Veterans and their spouses. Many families have learned how to maximize veterans benefits to pay for attendant care. How to Pay For Long-Term Care? This workshop focuses on how to avoid catastrophic health care expenses and what government benefits exist that may assist payment along the eldercare continuum.

Preparing Powerful Powers of Attorney and other Advance Directives

This workshop focuses on the importance of properly prepared advance directives. Advance directives include powers of attorney, health care surrogates, living wills, and pre-need guardian designation. Many families have gone through the effort to prepare powers of attorney that may not accomplish their goals. Significant time is spent describing what makes a power of attorney powerful.

How To Avoid Probate Without A Trust?

Time is spent explaining the three methods of transferring property and how to avoid or limit the need for a probate.

Ethical Wills

In ancient Jewish tradition a statement of values or ethical will was used to not only pass on property but to convey a statement of faith to the generations that followed. In modern times in addition to a last will and testament some families have started to create ethical wills to pass on their unique values. [/two_third]


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