Health Care Advocacy

We are more than a traditional elder care law firm, we are focused on various aspects of quality of life that concern our Clients. For this reason, we have a care coach who provides advocacy, guidance and feedback where a law firm normally would not. A Care coach can help Clients absorb the necessary information to make an informed decision about supportive care.

We are trying to prepare for the future in supportive and long-term care services. This means we will support care and long-term care services being driven by patients and consumers.

By involving Elders in their supportive and medical care decisions, we empower them to set their own standards of care because they become a part of the process. We believe this occurs through patient education and advocacy. The Elder should determine the care they need and mold what is in the marketplace to their needs. Many providers would have us believe that Elders should modify their own needs to what is available in the marketplace.

It is through Client advocacy and education, in addition to the expertise of Rosenkranz Law Firm layering of benefits and programs that the long-term care debate is redefined. Principles that assist in determining an Elder Care services market determined by consumers are: · Care that supports autonomy, dignity and privacy · Care availability that meets resident preferences ·

Care that focuses on the needs of the Elder rather than the services of the Provider · Activities and environment of care that meet the level of risk acceptable to the Elder who should have the choice to manage risk rather than paternalism or care restrictions. This focus on what Elders prefer rather than what Providers can offer is a redefinition of the system.

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